Attacking Guide for Club Players (2h and 48min Video Running Time) 


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    Attacking Guide for Club Players by FM Nikolay Yordanov


    We are pleased to introduce you the course by FM Nikolay Yordanov - Attacking Guide for Club Players. The course consists of 24 extensively annotated attacking games played by FM Yordanov, a Video version (2h and 48 min Running Time), 24 interactive test positions, and Computer practice. The computer practice session consists of 10 training positions you can play against a strong engine. In this way, you have the possibility to prove your attacking skills against optimal resistance.

    The 24 annotated games are divided into the following sections:

    ✅Attacking with Opposite-Coloured Bishops

    ✅Opposite Side Castling Attack

    ✅Attacking the Castled King

    ✅Attacking the King by Sacrificing a Piece

    ✅Attacking the King in IQP Positions

    ✅Attacking the King on the h-file

    ✅Attacking the Uncastled King

    Each one of these sections consists of a short introduction and several model games.

    At the beginning of every model game, FM Yordanov points out what you will learn from it. Also, at the end of the games, he provides a short summary featuring the most essential ideas one needs to retain.

    Below, you can think on a position taken from the course:


    How should White build his attack in this typical position?

    About the Author

    Nikolay Yordanov is a FIDE trainer with 7 years of experience as a chess coach. He has participated in three World and one European Chess Championships. He is a multiple national junior champion for boys under 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 in Bulgaria and winner of many tournaments in Bulgaria and several abroad. He has been studying chess teaching in the National Sports Academy(2005-2007). FM Yordanov has reach teaching experience with players from different levels and ages.

    Below, you shall see one of the model games: