Test Positions

Test Position 1


White to play. How can he keep the initiative going?

Test Position 2


Black to play. All his pieces have been developed, whereas White's knight on a1  is out of the game. How can Black make use of his active pieces?

Test Position 3


Only 6 moves have been played in the opening and already position is very fresh and unique. How can white continue to maintain the edge?

Test Position 4


White to play. How will you continue?

Test Position 5


Can Black capture the bishop on h7?

Test Position 6


White to play. Most of his pieces are pointed towards Black's king. How can he continue?

Test Position 7


Black to play. It is apparent that he is having the initiative. How can he continue to maintain the initiative?

Test Position 8


White to play. Black has just played b7-b5. How can white continue?

Test Position 9


Black to play. Can he exploit the fact that both Rook on a1 and Bishop on c1 is out of the game?

Test Position 10


White to play

Test Position 11


White to play. How can he respond here to maintain the initiative?

Test Position 12


White to play. The position is more of dynamic nature. How should he continue?