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1.b3 Larsen Opening with GM Raunak Sadhwani (Video Database - 7+ hours running time) 

GM Raunak Sadhwani, the 9th youngest grandmaster in chess history and a chess prodigy, is here with his first-ever chess course 1.b3 opening for White. This sharp, almost unexplored opening is studied and decoded by Sadhwani in this exclusive 7-hour video training with real game commentaries and line-by-line analysis.

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Complete Dragon Repertoire (Video Content - 2 hours running time)  Discounted 

We have the pleasure to present a unique opening course by GM Mihail Marin - Complete Dragon Repertoire. This opening database is different from everything we have been doing so far. The material consists of the following components: Theoretical Part (51 Opening Chapters), Video Part (2 hours running time), Memory Booster, and Strategy Booster.

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Ambitious Repertoire against the London System (Running Time - Approx. 1h and 40 min) 

In this course (based on a group lecture), GM Boris Avrukh builds a reliable and ambitious repertoire for Black against the London System. The foundation of his approach are the setups with ...g7-g6. True to his style, Avrukh provides many new and less explored ideas, thus tremendously increasing the practical value of the suggested repertoire. The material is divided into 2 parts - a video lecture with a running time of approx.1h and 40 min and 4 theoretical chapters.

This partner product is based on a video group lecture by GM Avrukh

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Sicilian Defense: Kalashnikov Variation with GM Misa Pap (Video Database - 10 hours running time) 

The Sicilian Defense is easily one of the hardest openings to master—especially when you are playing an “open” line like the Kalashnikov! This 10-hour video training on the Sicilian Kalashnikov covers the main ideas behind Black’s setup, the positional opportunities, the dangers lurking behind. It helps you prepare a deep and thorough repertoire for those willing to play the line as Black.

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Ambitious Repertoire against the Italian Game  Discounted 

The Italian Game is nowadays as a good old wine, there is rarely a week with less than a new hundred games in it. All the leading players are engaged in the heavy theoretical discussion, in a recent match between MVL and Nakamura the real battle even started after move 21. The purpose of this database is to highlight the latest tendencies. GM Kiril Georgiev provides a repertoire that is both solid and ambitious. Additionally, as all new Modern Chess products, this product comes with a Memory Booster. The booster is designed to help you better remember the important points in each chapter. All the testable lines have been carefully selected by our GM team.

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Expert Repertoire against Vienna and Ragozin (3h Video Running Time) 

In his first opening project for Modern Chess, GM Gyula Pap builds repertoire against two of the most popular and reliable openings - Ragozin Defence and Vienna Variation. From the perspective of the ambitious tournament player, this repertoire provides a lot of value. GM Pap goes for relatively unexplored directions where he comes up with in-depth analysis. Psychologically, your opponents will have a hard time fighting against the suggestions in this opening course.

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Understand the Sicilian - 20 Must-Know Concepts (4h Running Time) 

In this introductory course, GM Bojkov presents to you the main pawn structures and most common strategical ideas for both sides to build upon our knowledge for the future. The Sicilian Defence is and will remain one of the most complex openings, but the proper understanding of the middle game and endgame principles will guide through the jungle of the lines. The general direction of the play will also help you determine what to trade and what to keep, what to avoid and what to aim for.

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Attack with Scotch Game - GM GM Avetik Grigoryan and GM Samvel Ter-Sahakyan (Video Database - 10+ hours running time)  Discounted 

Players from all levels struggle to find a reliable repertoire for White after 1.e4 e5. Usually, Black is able to achieve a rock-solid position without theoretical problems. In this course, Armenian grandmasters Avetik Grigoryan and Samvel Ter-Sahakyan make a strong case for the Scotch Game that arises after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 The current video course suggests playing trendy and aggressive lines. Besides deep explanations of tactical and positional ideas, you will find many novelties and unexplored ideas. The content is structured in a way that players of all levels can benefit. The basic section makes sure that you get a strong foundation. Those of you who want to go even deeper can examine the Advanced Section which is very useful for a level of 2200+.

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Symmetrical English - Complete Repertoire for Black (6 hours video running time) 

Welcome to the Symmetrical English Repertoire Against 1.c4. 1.c4 has gained a lot of popularity these days. It is catching up with moves like 1.d4 and 1.e4.1.c4 also provides many opportunities to transpose to other openings in 1.d4, for example, the Catalan Defence. By playing the Symmetrical English starting with 1...c5 in response to 1.c4, we cut many of White's options to transpose to 1.d4 openings. Also, as you will witness, symmetrical English is a solid reply to 1.c4. While writing this repertoire and analyzing the lines in it, one of the author's main intentions was to recommend lines that are relatively fresh and has been tried in a few games rather than suggesting lines that have been played in hundreds and thousands of games and given in many books written on repertoires against the English opening. By learning some new and rarely played lines, we also carry an element of surprise. Of course, it is not possible to find new lines everywhere, but whenever possible, GM Dhopade made sure he includes some fresh suggestions and recommendations.

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Arkhangelsk Variation - Lifetime Solution for Black (Update - 18.05.2021)  Discounted  Updated 

Welcome to the latest opening project of GM Boris Avrukh - Arkhangelsk Variation. Having worked on this opening with Fabiano Caruana, Avrukh is one of the biggest Arkhangelsk experts in the world. With a video running time of 6 hours and an integrated memory trainer, this project is different from anything we have done so far. After studying a given chapter, you can immediately challenge your knowledge via the memory trainer. All the training lines incorporated in the memory trainer are carefully selected by our team of grandmasters. In this way, we make sure that you will remember all the must-know key ideas and sequences.

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