Test Your Pawn Endings - Elementary Level

Test Your Pawn Endings - Elementary Level

GM Grigor Grigorov


Every experienced player would tell you that it is not possible to become a master without being good in the endgame. Nevertheless, studying the endgame subtleties is an extremely tedious task for the vast majority of the amateur players. That is why for trainers is so difficult to provide their students with an adequate education in this field. I believe that when learning the endgame, we must put ourselves in a practical situation. 

In order to explain how this approach works in practice, I have created a small test of 10 positions which concerns some basic concepts in the pawn endgames. When solving the test, you should make your desired move after which the system responds automatically. For every right move you get points. After completing a concrete puzzle, just click Next to continue. At the end of the test, you will see your result in %. 

I wish you good luck!