Understand the Najdorf Structures - Part 2

Free sample

Structure 1


This structure can be reached in the line with 6.f4 when White plays fxe5. He can, of course, keep the pawn on f4, but then Black has ...exf4 when we reach structure 6 of the previous database. A slightly different position can be reached if White had already played a2-a4 in order to prevent b7-b5. Nevertheless, structural ideas would be the same. After releasing the tension in the centre, White accepts a worse structure (the isolani on e4) in order to have open lines and chances for a kingside initiative. That is why Black should try to reach an endgame type of position. In such structures, the exchange of the dark-squared bishops is favourable for Black. After such an exchange, White will remain with weak dark squares and passive light-squared bishop.

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