Understand the Najdorf Structures - Part 3

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Structure 1


This French-like structure occurs quite often in the Adams Attack (6.h3) when White plays e4-e5 and Black should close the center with d6-d5. Despite the similarity in the pawn's placement, there is one relevant difference regarding the pieces: Although the typical idea Ne2-d4 is still available here, White's light-squared bishop is poorly placed on g2. Of course, the d3-square would be a better place for this bishop. Therefore, Black has some interesting options as the maneuver Nb6-c4, putting pressure on the queenside, or improving the bad bishop via a6 after b5-b4 followed by a6-a5. The pressure along the c-file is, of course, a typical motif as well. When White plays 0-0-0 the battle is often decided by dynamical means. On the other hand, endgames are likely to happen when White castles kingside. In this case, a minor but interesting detail is that when White plays f2-f4, necessary to protect the e5-pawn, the king might become a bit unsafe.

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