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Typical Tactical Ideas in the Middlegame - Bishop Sacrifice on "h7"

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Typical Tactical Ideas in the Middlegame - Bishop Sacrifice on "h7"

GM Grigor Grigorov (materials are prepared together with GM Viktor Gavrikov)

Dear readers,
This article marks the beginning of a new course which is designed to improve your tactical understanding. Within the framework of these series, we will mainly focus on some typical tactical ideas in the middlegame. I am fully convinced that the improvement of your tactical vision will enable you to better understand our educational materials concerning the typical pawn structures in the middlegame.
Our first article features one of the most important middlegame combinations - bishop sacrifice on "h7". Before we start dealing with this topic, I would like to mention that I have worked on this subject in contribution with my trainer GM Viktor Gavrikov who passed away in April this year.
To my knowledge, this combination occurred for the first time in a game played by the old Italian master Gioacchino Greco in 1620. Even though his opponent's play is far from optimal, this game perfectly illustrates the idea of White's combination. Let's take a look at it.

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