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Methods of Playing in Positions with Closed Centre - Part 2

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Methods of Playing in Positions with Closed Centre

GM Grigor Grigorov


In his first article on the closed centre, GM Grigor Grigorov started examining the following structure:


 That article was dedicated to different ideas allowing White to start active actions on the queenside. Furthermore, the readers have learned some devices which are designed to restrict Black's attacking ideas on the kingside.

The present material features the positions in which White could go for the advance f2-f4. This is very often the case in openings like King's Indian Defense, Classical Benoni and Ruy Lopez. After reading the article, you will know when to go for this pawn break and when to restrain from it. Moreover, GM Grigorov demonstrates Black's best reactions to White's idea. 

In the TEST SECTION, you will have the chance to apply all the basic principles related to the topic of the present article.

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