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Methods of Playing in Positions with Closed Centre

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Dear reader,
In the first two parts of the series concerning the positions with a closed center, we were mainly dealing with White's plans. Nevertheless, in my annotations, I managed to describe some of the most important ideas for Black as well.
In the current article, I will try to analyze the structure from Black's perspective. Those of you who have read the previous two articles know that Black's main strategic idea in this structure is to develop an attack on the kingside. The classical way to do so consists of launching a pawn storm on the kingside by means of f7-f5-f4 followed by g6-g5, h7-h5, and g5-g4. The idea is simple - Black wants to execute a favorable pawn break in order to open the kingside and create a decisive attack. Of course, this is far from being the only way to attack on the kingside. In this article, I analyze three main attacking strategies for Black:
1) the classical plan - f7-f5-f4 followed by g6-g5, h7-h5, and g5-g4;
2) creating a piece attack after opening the f-file by means of fxe4;
3) gaining space on the kingside by means of h7-h5-h4.
We should also point out that occasionally Black could go for some queenside operations. In rare cases, he goes for queenside play by means of a7-a6 followed by b7-b5. This plan, however, tends to be quite risky since White normally has the upper hand on the queenside.
1) Classical plan - f7-f5-f4 followed by g6-g5, h7-h5, and g5-g4

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