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Master the French Structures

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Master the French Structures


This article is a follow-up to Renier's theoretical database Positional Repertoire against the French in which he suggests the variation with 3.Nd2. In the current article, the author shows some typical ways of playing in different scenarios that can arise from this line. Here is what the author has to say about the structure of the database:

Games 1-9 deal with the blocked center structure, d4-e5 vs d5-e6. Sometimes with the inclusion of pawns on a4 and a5 and sometimes without these. I also added a few commented games of my own where all the ideas are put into practice. For example, the game against Grandmaster Sambuev shows two important plans: one, you must open a front of attack on the queenside with b3 and two the h4-h5 push followed by Nh2-Ng4, a recurrent idea.
In the last two games, I add two games that made a good impression on me, especially Khamrakulov-Suba 2007 since it was played just a few meters away from my table. I was very impressed by White’s attack against one of the greatest defenders I have ever met.

In order to give an idea of how the author goes about the structure, we publish the first game from the article:

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