You Don't Know? So, Dig Deeper!

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Last time we started exercising in-depth analysis and calculation of sharp unusual positions. This is meant to increase our skills and confidence when deciding whether or not to embark on a risky course. Remember, sharp unusual positions are not only difficult for you. There is a (hopefully) human opponent opposite you and when you are well-trained in these things... Let's watch another example, where the risky choices are rewarded.

In this article, I feature the game I. Sokolov - Van der Wiel, Dutch championship 1996. We will try to analyze this game in a very interactive way. At certain moments, I will stop and ask you a question which will require right evaluation and deep calculations. When you finish your analysis, you can proceed with the game and compare your ideas to my annotations.
These game exercises are designed to improve your calculations skills as well as your ability to take over the board decisions in complicated situations.
I wish you a good luck!

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