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Brilliant Missed Opportunities - Missed Mating Ideas

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We are happy to introduce our new author, IM Yochanan Afek. He is known as chess writer, trainer, and organizer. He is a co-author of Invisible Chess Moves (Book of the Year 2011) and author of Extreme Chess Tactics (2017) and 7 other books as well. Furthermore, he has written hundreds of articles worldwide. Currently, IM Afek is a columnist in The ProblemistEG and the website of Israel Chess Federation

Also, he has great successes in the field of chess composition. It is enough to mention that he is GM and International judge of chess compositions.

When it comes to over the board play, despite being IM, he is IA as well.

In the current issue, IM Afek starts an amazing series of articles - Brilliant Missed Opportunities. This is a course which is designed to improve your calculation skills. Here is how the author has to say about this project:

Tactics, calculative skills and out of the box thinking may be trained in various ways. We will try to do it by a series of training sets of exercises displaying creative continuations which were simply missed over the board in real time and found in the post-mortem. 

In this very first article of the series, Afek deals with missed mating ideas in GM practice. The article consists of an introduction and 10 exercises which are ordered by the degree of their difficulty. You can try to solve one of the positions:


This position was reached in the game Naiditsch - Svidler played in 2009. Can you spot White's winning possibility?

At the end of the article, the author provides useful tips which shall allow the reader to seize such creative ideas over the board.


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