The Power of the Quiet Moves

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In Issue 19 of Modern Chess Magazine, we provide you with the following articles:

The Power of the Quiet Moves


In this article, GM Pavel Eljanov focuses on a very important practical aspect - the quite moves. Here is how the author justifies the choice of his topic in the introduction to the article:

In general, chess is a more tactical game where a clean and short calculation of moves is the most important skill from my point of view. But often, there are situations when a straight-line play doesn't lead to a goal where the usual patterns do not work, and the chess player must look more for quiet and subtle moves in order to implement his plans or neutralize the opponent's plans. Based on my personal experience - very often the unexpected and quiet moves with the king (as well as knights moves back) in the middlegame fall out of sight!

 Also in the introduction, Pavel says that to some extent his special interest in quite moves was inspired by Ivanchuk's comments to his game against the Chinese GM Lei Tingjie.

Ivanchuk, V - Lei Tingjie, Gibraltar 2018


In this complicated position, Black immediately went wrong by playing 14...Qxb2. After this move, Ivanchuk developed a strong initiative by means of 15.Qd3 Na6 16.Rab1. As a result, White managed to score a nice victory. 

Nevertheless, Ivanchuk's comments to the move 14...Nxe4 was what impressed Pavel. After watching the video below, you will understand how Vassily managed to find the impressive line 15.Nxe4 f5 16.Nd2 Rxd4 17.Qe1!!

The article consists of 4 annotated examples and 6 test positions. The material will surely improve your ability to find unexpected and original quite moves.

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