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Tactics Multiplier - The London System (Video Database - 8 hours running time) (February 2021)
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  • 1.  Introduction and Free Preview Free
  • 2.  Introduction: About this course Closed
  • 3.  Strategy - London System: Magnus style! (Carlsen – Bosiocic) Closed
  • 4.  Strategy - Grischuk crushes the King’s Indian (Grischuk – Khusnutdinov) Closed
  • 5.  Strategy - Organizing your attack (Rosen – NN) Closed
  • 6.  Strategy - Nakamura beats the London in 11 moves (Bareev – Nakamura) Closed
  • 7.  Strategy - Studying new variations with an engine (Stockfish – Rosen) Closed
  • 8.  Strategy - The best line against the London (Juan Carlos Gonzalez Zamora – Viktor Laznicka) Closed
  • 9.  Strategy - Countering the “best line” Closed
  • 10.  Strategy - Setting up a devastating attack (Rosen – Do) Closed
  • 11.  Strategy - Playing the London in bullet (Rosen – NN) Closed
  • 12.  Tactics - Didn’t see that coming… Closed
  • 13.  Tactics - Most famous London tactic Closed
  • 14.  Tactics - Crazy novelty Closed
  • 15.  Tactics - Simple and venomous Nc3 Closed
  • 16.  Tactics - Positional and tactical chess combined Closed
  • 17.  Tactics - Activity over material Closed
  • 18.  Tactics - Identifying targets Closed
  • 19.  Tactics - Knockout punch Closed
  • 20.  Tactics - Kingside destruction Closed
  • 21.  Tactics - Capitalizing on the awkward queen Closed
  • 22.  Tactics - Punishing greed Closed
  • 23.  Tactics - Common trap Closed
  • 24.  Tactics - Double attack (piece targets) Closed
  • 25.  Tactics - Double attack (pawn targets) Closed
  • 26.  Tactics - Attacking the uncastled king Closed
  • 27.  Tactics - Leveraging the open h-file Closed
  • 28.  Tactics - Most common London trap Closed
  • 29.  Tactics - Punishing black’s weaknesses Closed
  • 30.  Tactics - Restricting the opponent Closed
  • 31.  Tactics - Pin and win Closed
  • 32.  Tactics - Poison pawn Closed
  • 33.  Tactics - Rubinstein plays the London! Closed
  • 34.  Tactics - Simple oversight Closed
  • 35.  Tactics - Sacrificing to rip open the castled king Closed
  • 36.  Tactics - Forcing moves Closed
  • 37.  Tactics - Tactics for positional purposes Closed
  • 38.  Tactics - Taking down the King’s Indian setup Closed
  • 39.  Tactics - White blunders on move 4 Closed
  • 40.  Tactics - Cruel and unusual tactic Closed
  • 41.  Tactics - Concrete calculation Closed
  • 42.  Tactics - Unusually strong positional idea Closed
  • 43.  Tactics - Capitalizing on an awkward setup Closed
  • 44.  Tactics - Aronian’s awesome attack Closed
  • 45.  Tactics - Super GM destroys a master with creative play Closed
  • 46.  Tactics - Positional bind leads to tactical massacre Closed
  • 47.  Tactics - Beating an IM in 9 moves with epic queen sac Closed
  • 48.  Tactics - Look for the counterattack! Closed
  • 49.  Tactics - Black should have castled sooner Closed
  • 50.  Tactics - Unstoppable threat Closed
  • 51.  Tactics - Double piece sac to mate Closed
  • 52.  Tactics - Don’t mess with Naroditsky Closed
  • 53.  Tactics - Overwhelming attack Closed
  • 54.  Tactics - Unexpected intermezzo Closed
  • 55.  Tactics - GM crushes 2100 in a positional masterpiece Closed
  • 56.  Tactics - The power of alignment Closed
  • 57.  Tactics - Super GM Gelfand falls into deep prep Closed
  • 58.  Tactics - Aronian’s creative miniature win over Nepomniachti Closed
  • 59.  Tactics - Grandmaster makes quick work of amateur Closed
  • 60.  Tactics - Breaking through a locked position Closed
  • 61.  Tactics - Grandmaster brutally attacks 1800 Closed
  • 62.  Conclusion Closed
  • 63.  Extras Closed
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    Partner product:


    Typical Tactic Ideas in The London System – IM Eric Rosen

    The London System – Im Eric Rosen 80/20 Tactics

    If you want to really know an opening, you should be familiar with its typical positional ideas and remember the most important theoretical lines. But this is not enough.

    Each opening has its own unique tactical patterns. Patterns you need to know to succeed.

    IM Eric Rosen’s course on the essential tactics in the London System gives you a complete understanding of the typical patterns for both sides.

    Even if you only play against the London System, knowledge of these resources will prove invaluable.

    The London System is a flexible opening which White can use virtually against any of Black’s setups. This makes it the perfect choice for players who prefer to understand key strategic and tactical ideas instead of having to memorize an endless number of theoretical variations.

    The aim of this DVD is to give you a high-level understanding of the typical themes of the London System, and really cement this knowledge in your long-term memory with the included practical tests.


    About the Author:

    Eric Rosen is an International Master born in the USA.

    The London System – Im Eric Rosen 80/20 Tactics

    Rosen showed interest in the game from a very young age. He learned the rules of the game at age 7 and competed in his first tournament at age 8. By age 9, he won the IL 3rd Grade State Championship.

    During the early years of Rosen’s chess career, he studied with Tamara Golovey, a professional chess coach originally from Belarus now living in the Chicago area.

    Golovey was a former coach of GM Yury Shulman and World Championship contender GM Boris Gelfand. She provided Rosen with a strong foundational understanding of the game.

    Rosen became a National Master in 2009, a FIDE Master in 2011, and an International Master in 2015.

    The London System (Main Moves)

    The most common move order in which the London System chess opening arises on the board is 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bf4.


    The London System Opening – Main Variation

    In this case, Black has responded to White’s first move 1.d4 with one of the most popular moves, which could lead to very complicated opening positions such as the King’s Indian Defense, Queen’s Indian Defense, Benko Gambit, Budapest Gambit, etc, but White’s second move 2.Bf4 immediately sets the stage for the London System instead.

    Another common move order in which White could choose to develop the London System opening is 1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Bf4.


    The London System Opening against 2… d5

    This time, Black has responded to White’s first move with …d5, which can lead to some of the main lines of the Queen’s Gambit such as The Slav Defense, The Albin Counter-gambit, etc.

    But White’s second and third moves avoid any of those well-known theoretical lines and sets the stage for The London System.

    This flexible chess opening is a weapon that you can use against virtually any Black defense and thus comprises a smaller body of opening theory than many other openings.

    Is this course for me?

    The 80/20 series helps you get the most from your study time by combining learning openings with training tactics.

    If you’d like to learn all the typical tactical ideas that can arise from the London System, then IM Eric Rosen has got you covered.

    This course is designed to give you the best return on your training time by hitting 3 areas at once:

    • Mastering The London System by observing games from some of the strongest players in the world.
    • Understanding Tactical patterns.
    • Calculation.

    Analysing games from Magnus Carlsen, Alexander Grischuk, and Hikaru Nakamura will help you dominate all the concepts and possibilities of the system by just observing how the strongest players execute.

    Patterns alert you to possibilities, calculation makes them a reality. Rosen will show you how to make analysis easy with techniques like “reversing the move order”, “doing it anyway” and “weak point overload”.

    Enjoy this awesome lesson with the young expert Eric Rosen!