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GM Repertoire against the Catalan

What to play against the Catalan? During the last years, this question is qetting more and more recurring.A lot of grandmasters have even stopped playing 1...d5 in response to 1.d4 because of the raising popularity of the Catalan.In this line of thoughts, it is not a surprise that nowadays almost every top player has the Catalan is his opening repertoire.

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GM Repertoire against the Kings Indian Defence

Every 1.d4 chess player must find a reliable weapon against the Kings Indian Defence. Even though we live in a modern time where chess is dominated by computer programs, this opening gains in popularity. The arising positions are extremely complex and double-edged. That is the reason why this is the favourite opening of creative players like Kasparov, Radjabov and Nakamura. Their games are rich of brilliant attacks against the White king.

Features:     Downloadable in PGN