Databases of the Month

Ambitious Repertoire against the Caro-Kann

The so-called Advance Variation is White's most ambitious way to meet the Caro-Kann. The e5-pawn gives White a long-term space advantage and makes it difficult for Black to develop his kingside pieces. There are many possible setups and transpositions. Some of the lines are not concrete and you just need to know the typical plans and ideas. On the other hand, there are lines in which Black is trying to achieve immediate equality. In such lines, the play is getting pretty forced and concrete knowledge is required. GM Efimenko tried to make the repertoire as practical as possible. That is the reason why he provides you with a number of rare and almost unexplored lines and concepts.

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Play the Sicilian Four Knights

In this database, IM Robert Ris builds a complete repertoire for Black based on the Sicilian Four Knights. The starting position of this variation arises after 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6 In this line, Black immediately puts pressure on the central squares e4 and d4. Additionally, he is planning to increase the pressure by playing ...Bb4 on the next move. This line is considered to be a very practical choice. Since Black is going for an active play at the very beginning, White's choice is limited. As a rule of thumb, by playing solid and natural moves, White does not get anything in this line. For a long period of time, the Sicilian Four Knights was considered to be slightly dubious. Nevertheless, the recent top-level and correspondence practice has proven otherwise. According to the analysis of IM Ris, currently, this variation is in a very good theoretical shape.

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Complete Repertoire for White after 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.g3

GM Mihail Roiz starts a very ambitious project. In two databases, he will provide a complete White’s repertoire after the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.g3. The fianchetto variation against King's Indian Defence and Grunfeld is very popular at all levels. It is considered to be the safest way to play with White. Loyal to his style, GM Roiz builds a repertoire which is not based on the most popular continuations. He provides a variety of new ideas in many important positions. Furthermore, his work brings new life to old forgotten lines. The first database is dedicated to the Grunfeld Defence. The database consists of 12 theoretical chapters and 15 test positions.

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Anti-Sicilian Repertoire - 2...e6 and Sidelines   Updated

Welcome to the third part of the Anti-Sicilian series which will mostly cover what to play against the ever-sharp 2...e6 Sicilian and other important sidelines. In the majority of the chapters, GM Neiksans will be advocating the fianchetto of the white bishop to g2, combined with a thrust in the centre d2-d4. Although the author cannot always promise an advantage, the variations tend to be fresh and in most cases - very entertaining.

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Queen's Gambit Declined for Black - Part 1

The Tartakower System has the reputation of being one of the most complicated lines in Queen's Gambit Declined. By playing early ...b7-b6 followed by ...Bb7, Black solves his main problem in QGD positions - the development of the light-squared bishop. Since the arising positions are very dynamic, this is a perfect variation for ambitious players. The current database is dealing with the systems in which White plays Bg5. Before diving into the deep theory, GM Mihail Marin covers 6 structures you should know. Armed with this structural knowledge, the reader can easily understand the theory. The database contains 6 pawn structures, 18 theoretical lines and 30 interactive test positions.

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Aggressive Repertoire against the Gruenfeld

Everyone, who is a 1.d4 player encountered a problem - what to do against the Gruenfeld Defence? It is a sound opening in which Black attacks White's center from the very beginning. In many lines, the theory goes so far that many games end in a forced draw without even a single own move from both players. In this database, GM Postny proves that the aggressive 5.h4 creates serious practical problems for Black. The author deals with many relatively unexplored position. In all the critical lines, he provides fresh ideas and novelties. After studying this database, you can play 5.h4 at any level.

Learn from Magnus Carlsen - Strategic Planning

This database deals with Carlsen's most important skill - his long-term strategic vision. He has an outstanding feeling of the factors which are important for the evaluation of the position. In the current database, GM Mihail Marin throws some light on the strategical thinking of the World Champion, The database includes 10 chapters and 30 test positions.

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Learn the Endgame with Ulf Andersson - Endgames with Minor Pieces

In the second database on Andersson's endgame mastery, GM Mihail Marin deals with the battle of minor pieces. Of course, the author does not limit his survey only to pure minor piece endings. In this database, he also explains how bishops and knights cooperate with major pieces. The database consists of 15 extensively annotated games and 30 interactive tests.

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Marin's Solution to 1.Nf3 - Part 2

All the variations dealt with in this database are quite ambitious for White. In the spirit of Hedgehog, Black wants to play a long game with many pieces and very complicated positions. Marin avoids variations with early exchanges and offers a fighting repertoire. He played this position during his long career, and he feels the arising positions very well. Armed with his explanations, analyses, and novelties, you should be able to face each opponent.

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GM Repertoire against the Slav - Part 3. Squeeze the Chebanenko Slav

The Chebanenko Slav is an extremely popular opening in the modern grandmaster practice. Nowadays this variation is a hard nut to crack for every 1.d4 player. In his last database concerning the Slav Defense, GM Davorin Kuljasevic provides us with a classical approach which allows White to obtain an edge against Chebanenko. As always, GM Kuljasevic shares with his readers a number of novelties and original positional concepts.

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