Middlegame Databases

Learn from Magnus Carlsen - Strategic Planning

This database deals with Carlsen's most important skill - his long-term strategic vision. He has an outstanding feeling of the factors which are important for the evaluation of the position. In the current database, GM Mihail Marin throws some light on the strategical thinking of the World Champion, The database includes 10 chapters and 30 test positions.

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Learn from Magnus Carlsen - Prophylactic Thinking

One of the things that impress me in Carlsen's play when in top form is his apparent invulnerability. No matter how much time his strongest opponents dedicate to preparation against him, no matter how dangerous (or simply bad) his positions look at times, the reigning World Champion proves the ability to hold his own, like a cats' reflex to fall on its feet. One reason for this is Carlsen's strong sense of danger, which often leads to unexpected or apparently modest moves, parrying the threats or anticipating the dangers before they even become real.

Features:     Downloadable in PGN      Interactive tests