Master Method - GM Ivan Sokolov (Video Database - 15 hours running time) (February 2021)
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  • 1.  Introduction and Free Preview Free
  • 2.  Building your personal repertoire Closed
  • 3.  Trust your guns! Closed
  • 4.  Facing the King’s Indian Closed
  • 5.  If you blunder, don’t panic! Closed
  • 6.  Middlegame themes - Power of the rook on the seventh Closed
  • 7.  Middlegame themes - Files, diagonals and pawn breaks Closed
  • 8.  Middlegame themes - Opposite-colored bishops Closed
  • 9.  Seizing the initiative Closed
  • 10.  Intuitive sacrifices Closed
  • 11.  Attacking themes Closed
  • 12.  Material imbalances Closed
  • 13.  The 10 must-know endgames Closed
  • 14.  The 10 must-know endgames BONUS - Aronian-Carlsen Closed
  • 15.  Q&A Closed
  • 16.  Extras Closed
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    The Sokolov Method


    Super GM Ivan Sokolov, once the youngest GM in the world and several times ranked #12, brings you 15 hours of elite training to transform your game.

    From building an opening repertoire that works for you to the 10 endgames you really must know, Dynamic Chess Secrets gives you everything you need to become a dominant competitive player.

    The material in this course has been chosen for its practical strength. You’ll learn powerful ideas like the Velimirovic Attack and how to win the initiative.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your game with Ivan Sokolov, the man who has beaten Kasparov, Anand, Kramnik and Carlsen and is one of the finest teachers around today.


    1. Building your personal repertoire
    2. Trust your guns!
    3. Facing the King’s Indian
    4. If you blunder, don’t panic!
    5. Middlegame themes
      1. Power of the rook on the seventh
      2. Files, diagonals and pawn breaks
      3. Opposite-colored bishops
    1. Seizing the initiative
    2. Intuitive sacrifices
    3. Attacking themes
    4. Material imbalances
    5. The 10 must-know endgames

    BONUS: Aronian-Carlsen