Promo Packages

Opening Trends in 1.e4 - Batumi Olympiad

This package provides a complete overview of 1.e4 played at the Batumi Olympiad in 2018. In two databases, Avrukh deals with all the theoretically important games. Besides making opening overview and pointing out the important novelties, he often comes up with new ideas and concepts. The package consists of 57 chapters which cover different opening lines.

Learn from Magnus Carlsen - Full Package

This package includes GM Mihail Marin's 3 databases on Magnus Carlsen. In these databases, Marin deals with the most strong points in the play of the World Champion. The package includes 30 extensively annotated games and 90 annotated test examples. This makes 120 examples in total.

Learn the Endgame with Ulf Andersson - Full Package

This extraordinary package includes all the 3 databases featuring the endgame mastery of Ulf Andersson. In the package, you will find 34 annotated games and 90 annotated test examples. This makes 124 endgames by Ulf Andersson!

French Repertoire for Black - Full Package

This package includes 3 databases which build a complete French Repertoire for Black. You get 2 middlegame articles, 67 theoretical lines, and 60 interactive tests.

Marin's Solution to 1.Nf3 - Full Package

In three databases, GM Mihail Marin provides a complete repertoire against 1.Nf3. In this promotional package, you will find: 3 middlegame articles concerning typical pawn structures 34 theoretical chapters 60 interactive test positions

Complete Catalan Package - Part 1, 2, 3

This package provides you with a complete Catalan repertoire. Furthermore, you will learn how to deal with Black's Anti-Catalan approaches. In the package, you will find: 4 Essential Pawn Structures 36 Theoretical Chapters 60 Interactive Test Positions.

Reversed Sicilian - Antidote to 1.c4

The Package contains both databases of the world's best theoretician GM Boris Avrukh which provides you with a complete repertoire against 1.c4.

Modern Chess Magazine - Issues 1-20

This exceptional promotional package includes all the issues of Modern Chess Magazine. This makes more than 1600 pages of high-quality educational materials.

GM Postny's Repertoire Against Bogo Indian Defense and Benko Gambit

This package consists of 2 opening databases in which the renown 1.d4 player GM Evgeny Postny shares with you his own repertoire against 2 highly popular openings - Bogo - Indian Defense and Benko Gambit. The common point of his recommendations is that they are risk-free. This fact makes them very suitable for a positional player.

1.e4 e5 for Black

In this package, you will find 5 opening databases which give an antidote against White's most popular weapons after 1.e4 e5. Grandmasters Evgeny Postny, Boris Avrukh, and Davorin Kuljasevic shares with you their repertoire against Scotch, Italian, and Ruy Lopez.