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Masterclass - Rook vs Minor Piece in the Endgame 

The masterclass dedicated to the fight between a rook and minor piece in the endgame is already a digital product. This product includes all the videos from the masterclass as well as the PGN file related to the training sessions. Additionally, you will find the PGN files from the preparatory classes available on our YouTube channel. Overall, the material consists of approximately 4 hours of video and a PGN database, including 60 files!

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Winning Endgame Strategies (Video Database - 8.5 hours running time) 

You will learn 50 endgame “building blocks” that you can use in your own games to construct a win.
Many of those principles and ideas are pretty advanced and hard to digest for a club player without deciphering and proper explanation. That’s what GM Kuljasevic does in this Endgame Mastery Course. He makes it a breeze to understand and apply those ideas. And also adds his own wisdom and contemporary examples giving you the COMPLETE coverage of the Endgame Strategies.

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Learn from Magnus Carlsen - Endgame Technique 

Carlsen was always very successful in winning almost equal endings. In this database, GM Mihail Marin tries to explain the deep reasons behind such a success. In different chapters, the author presents the most typical mistakes of Carlsen's opponents. These mistakes occur very often in practical endings and this database would help you to get rid of them.
The database consists of 10 extensively annotated games and 30 interactive tests.

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Learn the Endgame with Ulf Andersson - Technical Play 

In the previous two databases, we have examined Andersson's virtuosity in rook endings and in knight versus bishop in minor piece endings. We conclude this series with some general aspects regarding Ulf's endgame technique. The material is divided into the following categories:
1) Simplifying to a better ending
2) Domination
3) Playing on two wings
4) Endings arising after exchange or queen sacrifices

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Learn the Endgame with Ulf Andersson - Endgames with Minor Pieces 

In the second database on Andersson's endgame mastery, GM Mihail Marin deals with the battle of minor pieces. Of course, the author does not limit his survey only to pure minor piece endings. In this database, he also explains how bishops and knights cooperate with major pieces.
The database consists of 15 extensively annotated games and 30 interactive tests.

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Learn the Endgame with Ulf Andersson - Rook Endgames 

If we think of endgame specialists from the late phase of the classical age, one of the first names coming up to mind is Ulf Andersson. Apart from his exquisite endgame technique and ability to squeeze a win apparently out of nothing, what impresses me is Ulf's general approach. He rarely strives for an advantage out of the opening or early middlegame, preferring to play long games in which the balance is disturbed at a late stage, typically in the phase of simplification to the endgame, or even deep in the endgame already. But once he has obtained an advantage (be it winning, minimal or symbolic) Andersson's play becomes a mixture of patient maneuvering, aimed at tiring the opponent, and flexibility accompanied by concreteness. He can change the setup or main plan according to the most subtle details, many of them revealed only after thorough analysis.

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