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Advance Variation against French and Caro-Kann

Master Method - GM Nigel Short (Video Database - 15+ hours running time) 


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Introduction  Free
  • Attacking the King: Short – Penrose  Closed
  • Attacking the King: Short – Flear  Closed
  • Attacking the King: Short – Ghaem Maghami  Closed
  • Attacking the King: Short – Mangao  Closed
  • Attacking the King: Short – Gagare  Closed
  • Attacking the King: Short – Grigoriants  Closed
  • Attacking the King: Short – Velikov  Closed
  • Attacking the King: Krunoslav – Short  Closed
  • Attacking the King: Short – Timman  Closed
  • Attacking the King: Short – Kasparov  Closed
  • Dynamic Defense: Short – Hebden  Closed
  • Dynamic Defense: Gelfand – Short  Closed
  • Dynamic Defense: Alburt – Short  Closed
  • Dynamic Defense: Li Chao – Short  Closed
  • Dynamic Defense: Topalov – Short  Closed
  • Dynamic Defense: Ehlvest – Short  Closed
  • Dynamic Defense: Tal – Short  Closed
  • The Opening: Short – Ponomariov  Closed
  • The Opening: Short – Nielsen  Closed
  • The Opening: Short – Huebner  Closed
  • The Opening: Short – Graf  Closed
  • The Opening: Pein – Short  Closed
  • The Opening: Short – Olafsson  Closed
  • Endgame: Short – Ribli  Closed
  • Endgame: Short – Daulyte  Closed
  • Endgame: Short – Hou  Closed
  • Endgame: Karpov – Short  Closed
  • Tactical Awareness: Dreev – Short  Closed
  • Tactical Awareness: Seirawan – Short  Closed
  • Tactical Awareness: Short – Ljubojevic  Closed
  • Tactical Awareness: Short – Ljubojevic (2)  Closed
  • Unexpected Moves: Short – Miles  Closed
  • Unexpected Moves: Short – Morozevich  Closed
  • Unexpected Moves: Sasikiran – Short  Closed
  • Unexpected Moves: Kasparov – Short  Closed
  • Unexpected Moves: Kasparov – Short (2)  Closed
  • Imbalances: Shirov – Short  Closed
  • Imbalances: Short – Shirov  Closed
  • Imbalances: Short – Korchnoi  Closed
  • Imbalances: Short – Sulskis  Closed
  • Extras  Closed
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    The Nigel Short Method to Master Chess Tactics in Modern Chess

    Nigel Short has been competing at the top level for 5 decades and counting. During this time, he’s beaten every World Champion from Karpov to Carlsen.

    He is also the only Englishman to have challenged for the title, taking on Kasparov in their controversial 1993 match.

    His razor-sharp, creative tactical ability has been a major factor in his success. And now you can learn how to improve on chess tactics from Nigel himself in his stunning 15½ hour Master Method.

    Drawing on 40 of his most instructive games – and humbly including a few losses – Nigel reveals how rich, tactical positions are created and how to calculate the winning lines.

    Nigel has split his chosen games into 7 categories, including Attacking the King, Tactical Awareness, Defensive and Endgame Tactics.

    About the Author:

    Nigel Short is an English chess grandmaster, chess columnist, chess coach, and chess commentator. Short Accomplished the Grandmaster title at the age of 19 and was ranked third in the world by FIDE from January 1988 to July 1989.

    In 1993 he became the first English player to play a World Chess Championship match when he qualified to play Garry Kasparov in the World Chess Championship 1993 in London (Kasparov won, 12½ to 7½).

    As of February 2018, he is the oldest player ranked among FIDE’s top 100 players and is ranked No. 65.

    Short learned chess at age five from his father. A chess prodigy, Short first attracted significant media attention as a 10-year-old, by defeating Viktor Korchnoi, then ranked No. 2 in the world, in a simultaneous exhibition in London over 31 boards, where Short was the only victor.

    He was virtually self-taught. In 1977 he became the youngest ever participant in the British Chess Championship by qualifying through the North-West Zonal three days before his 12th birthday.

    How is the course going to help me? 

    Nigel is not alone in his belief that mastering chess tactics is the #1 shortcut to improving your chess. However, his definition of “tactical ability” is much broader than your average GM’s.

    In order to be successful in chess, you need to be able to:

    • Create positions rich in tactical opportunity at will.
    • Accurately evaluate speculative sacrifices.
    • Zoom in on winning moves in the middle of tactical chaos.

    Nigel teaches you how to develop each of these skills using 40 of his most instructive games, from the legendary wins to heart-breaking near misses.

    Short is amazingly open and honest, explaining his thinking behind every move, what he was worried about, how and why he made certain inaccuracies. You actually get to feel what it’s like to play against Kasparov, Karpov and even Tal!

    Here’s a quick taste of what you will learn:

    Magic demystified:


    What would you play in this crazy position against Yasser Seirawan? Nigel explains how to ignore the noise and find stunning moves like his …Nb4!!

    The spirit of gambits:

    No opening theory, just Morphy-esque moves! Short is a big fan of the Evans Gambit and reveals how he used it to beat the then FIDE World Champion Ponomariov in their secret training match in 2003!

    Dueling Karpov:

    When Nigel beat Karpov in the Candidates semi-final, he prevented an 18 year run of Karpov appearances in the World Championship final. Get the inside track on their match including the stunning 5th game with Nigel’s memorable knight sac.

    On its own, The Nigel Method shows you how an elite-level GM finds extraordinary moves and gives
    you highly entertaining anecdotes from one of chess’ most colourful characters.

    By challenging students to find the strongest moves and explaining the mechanics of the combination GM Nigel Short shows you how to improve both your calculation and pattern recognition, transforming you into a master tactician!

    It’s time to move your game to a new level! Enjoy this awesome course!