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Master the Self-Hypnosis - Powerful Tool for Chess Players (2h and 56min Running Time) 


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    Master the Self-Hypnosis - Powerful Tool for Chess Players


    Course Overview

    Welcome to "Master the Self-Hypnosis: Powerful Tool for Chess Players," a groundbreaking course designed to unlock the full potential of chess enthusiasts at all levels. Presented by the French psychologist Richard Buono in collaboration with GM Grigor Grigorov, this course delves into the psychological aspects of chess, focusing on self-hypnosis techniques to enhance performance. Richard Buono, a chess aficionado with a deep interest in sports psychology and hypnosis, brings his expertise in psychological protocols designed to boost athletes' performance to the chess world.

    Course Content

    The course is structured around five comprehensive video interviews, totaling 2 hours and 56 minutes, covering a range of topics designed to prepare chess players mentally for the challenges they face on and off the chessboard. Accompanying documentation provides a summary of the key ideas and specific protocols discussed in the interviews.

    1. Theoretical Framework

    Introduction to self-hypnosis, its principles, and how it can be a game-changer for chess players by allowing them to utilize their full potential, free from emotional obstacles.

    2. Basic Protocol

    Detailed guidance on the three-phase induction process necessary for successful self-hypnosis, including muscular relaxation, breathing regulation, and mental relaxation.

    3. Setting Goals

    Exploration of setting realistic, achievable goals through self-hypnosis to improve focus, motivation, and performance in chess.

    4. Facing a Difficult Opponent

    Techniques to manage fear and intimidation when facing formidable opponents, utilizing self-hypnosis to maintain composure and confidence.

    5. Overcoming Mental Barriers and Biases

    Strategies to identify and overcome limiting beliefs and biases that hinder performance, with practical self-hypnosis methods to break free from these mental barriers.

    Key Concepts and Techniques

    • Self-Hypnosis Basics: Understanding the role of self-suggestion in achieving an altered state of consciousness to enhance chess performance.
    • Induction Process: A step-by-step guide to achieving the optimal state for self-hypnosis, including physical and mental relaxation techniques.
    • Specific Scenarios: Tailored self-hypnosis scripts designed to address common challenges faced by chess players, such as mobilizing memory and energy resources, managing fear, and confronting preconceived ideas.
    • Practical Applications: Real-world applications of self-hypnosis for chess players, including preparation for tournaments and individual games.

    Course Materials

    Participants will receive video content along with comprehensive documentation summarizing the core concepts, techniques, and specific protocols discussed throughout the course. This material serves as a valuable resource for ongoing practice and reference.


    "Master the Self-Hypnosis - Powerful Tool for Chess Players" offers an innovative approach to enhancing chess performance through psychological training. By mastering self-hypnosis, players can unlock their full potential, overcome mental barriers, and achieve their chess goals.