Practical 1.d4 Repertoire for White Part 2

Nimzowitsch Defence Against 1.e4

Modern Chess Magazine - Issue 9 

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Introduction And Free Preview  Free
Modern Chess Team
  • Methods of Playing in Positions with Closed Centre - Part 1  Closed
    GM Grigor Grigorov
  • Typical Tactical Ideas in the Middlegame - Bishop Sacrifice on "h7"  Closed
    GM Grigor Grigorov
  • Attacking Manual for Black - Mar Del Plata Structure  Closed
    GM Petar G. Arnaudov
  • Method of Fighting for an Open File  Closed
    GM Vladimir Georgiev
  • Endgame Series - Part 9  Closed
    GM Davorin Kuljasevic
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    Dear chess friends, In Issue 9 of Modern Chess Magazine, we provide you with the following articles:

    Methods Of Playing In Positions With Closed Centre - Part 1

    GM Grigor Grigorov 


    In the current article, GM Grigor Grigorov starts dealing with an extremely complex and important type of middlegame positions - closed centre. As a chess trainer, I have understood that the closed positions are something like a nightmare for inexperienced chess players. The reason is rather simple - in such kind of positions, the ability to create the right plan is much more important than the calculation of concrete variations. In order to find the right plan, however, we need a lot of knowledge and experience. That is why everyone who wants to progress in the field of chess should spend a considerable amount of time on studying closed positions.

    Typical Tactical Ideas In the Middlegame - Bishop Sacrifice On "h7"

    GM Grigor Grigorov (materials are prepared together with GM Viktor Gavrikov)

    This article marks the beginning of a new course which is designed to improve your tactical understanding. Within the framework of these series, we will mainly focus on some typical tactical ideas in the middlegame. I am fully convinced that the improvement of your tactical vision will enable you to better understand our educational materials concerning the typical pawn structures in the middlegame.
    Our first article features one of the most important middlegame combinations - bishop sacrifice on "h7". Before we start dealing with this topic, I would like to mention that I have worked on this subject in contribution with my trainer GM Viktor Gavrikov who passed away in April this year.

    Attacking Manual for Black - Mar Del Plata Structure

    GM Petar G. Arnaudov


    In this article, GM Petar Arnaudov starts examining the tactical and strategical ideas for both colours in the most popular system in King's Indian Defense - Mar del Plata. This system becomes popular around 60 years ago at the early 50s, mainly because of the efforts of Mark Taimanov for White and the Serbian (Yugoslavian) legendary player Svetlozar Gligoric for Black. Even though this article features different variations of the King's Indian Defense, after reading it, you will improve your general chess understanding.

     Methods Of Fighting For An Open File

    GM Vladimir Georgiev  


    In this article, GM Vladimir Georgiev explains one of the main strategical weapons that each chess player should have in his "strategical repertoire" - How to fight for an open file and how to exploit it after you win it. The examples he provides you with, give you the full overview of the ways of fighting for an open file and what to do next. 

    Endgame Series - Part 9

    GM Davorin Kuljasevic


    This article features one of the most important concepts in the pawn endgames - the opposition. After reading it, the reader will know even the most complicated types of opposition, namely: : distant opposition, diagonal opposition, side opposition, and knight opposition.