July Workshop - Improve Your Play in Closed Positions

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August Workshop - Converting an Advantage - Theory, Practice, and Psychology  Forthcoming 

Converting an advantage is one of the most critical skills for players of all levels. One can often hear chess players saying, “I spoiled a completely winning position”. Actually, the advantage does not disappear by accident. The current workshop will help you discover the profound reasons behind the technical mistakes.

July Workshop - Improve Your Play in Closed Positions  Completed 

We are happy to announce the first Modern Chess thematic workshop - Improve Your Play in Closed Positions. Mastering the closed positions is a rather challenging task. In such structures, human understanding is more important than computer analysis.

Modern Chess Summer Camp 2020  Completed 

Are you ready to get your chess to the next level? Modern Chess decided to connect its top authors with the chess community in a unique training camp. We offer 11 hours of high-level interactive chess training. This camp will improve your chess understanding, middlegame, and endgame skills. We do not give easy solutions. If you are ambitious and ready to work hard, this camp is for you.

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Online Summer Camp 2020