Practical 1.d4 Repertoire for White Part 2

Must-Know Endgames for 1.d4 Players

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Practical 1.e4 Repertoire for White  Completed 

Many players who want to start playing 1.e4 are afraid of the overwhelming amount of theory. As strange as it might sound, you can play 1.e4 without the need to memorize tons of variations. What you need is a smart choice of lines! In this camp, GM Papaioannou will need 7 lectures to change your perspective regarding 1.e4. He will provide you with variations that are mainly based on understanding. Even when there is no objective advantage, Papaioannou will provide valuable guidelines on how to handle the arising positions. The suggested repertoire will be a perfect match for practical players who want to save time on opening preparation.

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Practical 1.e4 Repertoire for White (10.5 Hours Running Time)

Play the Philidor Defence  Completed 

In this camp, GM Dejan Bojkov is going to provide you with a full repertoire against 1.e4 based on the Philidor Defence. Besides covering all the important modern theoretical directions, GM Bojkov will also examine the must-know Endgames and typical positional and tactical ideas.

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Play the Philidor Defence (9h Running Time)

Reti Opening - Repertoire for White after 1.Nf3 d5 2.e3  Completed 

Recently, White started using different versions of Reti Opening in order to fight against the solid 1...d5. So far, most of our Reti Opening camps and products have been based on setups including g2-g3. In this camp, GM Davorin Kuljasevic is going for a different approach - 1.Nf3 d5 2.e3 This flexible system has recently been popularized by the German top player Vincent Keymer. White is ready to follow with c2-c4 on the next move. It's very important that Black no longer has the option of playing ...d5-d4 in response to c2-c4. One of the main advantages of this system is that we are not committed to the early d2-d4. Depending on Black's reaction, White will decide when and whether to push the d-pawn. This version of the Reti Opening is very practical since your opponents will have a hard time preparing against it.

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Reti Opening - Repertoire for White after 1.Nf3 d5 2.e3 (4h Running Time)

Fight the Anti-Sicilians  Completed 

After his highly successful Najdorf camps, GM Papaioannou delves into the Anti-Sicilian setups employed by White. Statistically speaking, as a Sicilian player, in 50% of your games, you will face Anti-Sicilian setups. Therefore, having a solid repertoire against these lines is of crucial importance. True to his didactic approach, GM Ioannis Papaioannou will provide you with a practical repertoire that is not based on memorization of long variations. Additionally, all the proposed lines will be designed for the needs of the tournament player. Hence, our objective will be to overplay the opponent in complex practical positions that we know better.

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Fight the Anti-Sicilians (9h Running Time)

Play the Caro-Kann - Part 1  Completed 

GM Grigor Grigorov is ready to share his knowledge in another one of his favourite openings - the Caro-Kann Defence. If you are looking for a strategically sound response to 1.e4 which gives you good winning chances, this camp is for you. The Caro-Kann project will consist of 2 interrelated camps. The first camp will be dedicated to the main lines starting with 3.e5 and 3.Nc3. All the remaining lines will be covered in the second camp. When possible, GM Grigorov will focus on systems that can be played mostly on understanding.

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Play the Caro-Kann - Part 1 (7.5h Running Time)

Understand the Najdorf - Aggressive Systems  Completed 

After covering White's positional attempts to fight the Najdorf, Papaioannou dives into the deep. The second Najdorf camp will examine White's aggressive systems against the Najdorf. The systems that will be discussed in this camp are the reason why many people are afraid of playing the Najdorf.

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Understand the Najdorf - Aggressive Systems (9h Running Time)

Understand the Najdorf - Positional Systems  Completed 

We are happy to inform you that GM Papaioannou decided to share his favourite weapon against 1.e4 - The Najdorf Variation! The Najdorf Sicilian will be covered in two camps. The first one of them will deal with all the positional systems that White has at his disposal. The second one will be dedicated to all the aggressive approaches that White might try. In his Najdorf camps, GM Papaioannou will prove that memorization of long theoretical lines is not the key to the Najdorf Variation. You can play many of the systems mostly relying on your understanding. In almost all the lines, Papaioannou will provide you with practical solutions.

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Understand the Najdorf - Positional Systems (9h Running Time)

Active Defence in Practice  Completed 

During this mini-camp, you will go through many instructive examples and learn to fight back in desperate situations. Counterattack is one of the most essential chess skills. By mastering it, you will improve your practical results and chess understanding.

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Active Defence in Practice (3h Running Time)

Must-Know Endgames for 1.e4 Players  Completed 

Connecting the different phases of the game has always been one of the main goals of the Modern Chess camps. This approach includes three main pillars - theoretical preparation, knowledge of typical middlegame strategies, and in-depth knowledge of the arising endgames. In this camp, our team of six grandmasters will show the most important endgames that arise after 1.e4. All the typical positions will be examined for both colours. After completing the camp, in complex middlegame positions, you will know what kind of endgame you are looking for.

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Must-Know Endgames for 1.e4 Players (9h Running Time)

Pawns on One Wing in the Endgame  Completed 

Imagine being faced with the critical decision of entering an endgame with an extra pawn on the wing after hours of intense play. The weaker side is often unsure if the position can be held, while the stronger side fears losing a substantial advantage. But fear not! Our mini-camp, led by GM Papaioannou, will equip you with the subtle knowledge needed to navigate these positions with confidence.

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Pawns on One Wing in the Endgame (3h Video Running Time)