Practical 1.d4 Repertoire for White Part 2

Must-Know Endgames for 1.d4 Players

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1.d4 Nf6 - Practical Repertoire against the Sidelines  Completed 

After his camps on Nimzo-Indian and Queen's Indian Defence, GM Grigorov is planning to complete his repertoire against 1.d4. This workshop is designed to provide you with practical solutions against London, Trompowsky, Torre, Colle, Veresov, and Jobava systems. Given the fact that these lines are very popular at any level, having practical and easy-to-learn solution against them is extremely important.

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1.d4 Nf6 - Practical Repertoire against the Sidelines (7.5 Hours Running Time)

1.Nf3 - Practical Reti Repertoire for White  Completed 

GM Papaioannou continues his Reti journey. In his previous camp 1.Nf3 d5 2.g3 - Play the Reti, Papaioannou provided a complete solution for White against 1...d5. The focus of this camp will be all Black's options against 1.Nf3, except 1...d5. While the main focus will be on 1...Nf6 and 1...c5, GM Papaioannou will cover some important rare lines such as 1...f5. Against both 1...Nf6 and 1...c5, Papaioannou suggests 2.c4.

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1.Nf3 - Practical Reti Repertoire for White (7.5 Hours Running Time)

Understand the Maroczy Bind  Completed 

Maroczy Bind is one of the most common structures in chess. It can be reached by many different openings and move orders. GM Petar Arnaudov will share his knowledge of this highly complex opening as a specialist in this structure. The camp will focus more on the typical positional, tactical, and endgame ideas, but you will also get good theoretical knowledge.

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Understand the Maroczy Bind (6h Running Time)

Practical Nimzo-Indian Repertoire  Completed 

Everyone knows that the Nimzo-Indian is one of the most reliable chess openings. Probably you want to include it in your repertoire but you are perplexed by it's complexity. GM Grigorov has a solution. In 5 lectures, he will provide a practical and straightforward repertoire. The opening choices will be very consistent because they will revolve around similar pawn structures.

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Practical Nimzo-Indian Repertoire (7.5 Hours Video Running Time)

Understand the Modern Benoni  Completed 

Modern Benoni is one of the most suitable openings when you want to play for a win with Black. Being a Benoni expert himself, GM Papaioannou will share his understanding of this highly complex and exciting opening. In 5 lectures, GM Papaioannou will present complete solution for Black after 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 and 3.g3. In both cases, Black plays 3...c5. Against 3.Nc3, Papaioannou prefers the Nimzo-Indian Defence which will be covered in the related camp by GM Grigorov.

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Understand the Modern Benoni (7.5 Hours Video Running Time)

Understand the Hedgehog  Completed 

We are happy to invite you to our camp dedicated to the Hedgehog. The Hedgehog is definitely one of the most important pawn structures in chess. This typical position can arise via so many different opening variations that no serious chess player can skip learning it. Studying the Hedgehog will dramatically improve your opening repertoire and general chess understanding. Our expert team of grandmasters in this camp will provide extensive knowledge on this fundamental pawn structure. Additionally, you will get insights on the opening variations featuring the Hedgehog.

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Understand the Hedgehog (9h Running Time)

1.Nf3 d5 2.g3 - Play the Reti  Completed 

If you are looking for a positional opening where the typical ideas and plans are more important than the concrete theory, Reti is your choice! In this camp, GM Papaioannou will share his repertoire for White after 1.Nf3 d5 2.g3 After studying the lectures, you will be also ready to face many move orders starting with 1...Nf6 as well. During the camp, you will see many different types of positions and pawn structures. In this way, you will definitely boost your general chess understanding.

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1.Nf3 d5 2.g3 - Play the Reti (7 hours 30 mins Video Running Time)

Queen's Gambit Accepted - Simple Solution to 1.d4  Completed 

We are happy to invite you to the masterclass by GM Grigor Grigorov and GM Petar Arnaudov - Queen's Gambit Accepted - Simple Solution to 1.d4 Chess players are often so concentrated on their opening preparation that they cannot find time to improve the other aspects of their play. In this camp, we will provide you with a reliable and easy-to-learn opening against 1.d4 - Queen's Gambit Accepted. In four lectures, GM Grigor Grigorov and GM Petar Arnaudov will explain all the essential theoretical, positional and tactical aspects of this opening.

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Queen's Gambit Accepted - Simple Solution to 1.d4 (7h Running Time)

Understand the Sveshnikov Sicilian  Completed 

Sicilian Defense has always been the most ambitious reply for Black against 1.e4. Svesnikov Sicilian is one of the most popular and interesting variations. It increased its popularity recently mainly due to the efforts of Magnus Carlsen, who scored many brilliant wins with it. It is an aggressive system but still not as sharp as the Najdorf variation. When you study the plans and ideas well, this opening can suit you well for a very long time.

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Understand the Sveshnikov Sicilian (9h Video Running Time)

Grandmaster Mind - How to Learn From Your Own Games  Completed 

In the current workshop, you can see inside the grandmaster's mind. GM Petar Arnaudov will share his thoughts about some of the most important practical aspects of the game. You will learn how he prepares against his opponent and what he thinks during the game. You will see for yourself what is the difference in the thinking process between you and a grandmaster. The lectures will improve your thinking process, decision-making, and analytical skills.