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1.e4 e5 According to Roiz

In 5 databases, GM Michael Roiz provides 1.e4 e5 repertoire for Black against White's most challenging lines.

Pawn Structures

Before building an opening repertoire, you should learn different pawn structures. In this way, your opening knowledge will be based on solid understanding. The more pawn structures you know, the greater number of openings you can play.
Additionally, learning different pawn structures improves your general chess understanding.

Practical Play

This bundle of 11 GM courses is designed to improve your practical play. Studying these databases will definitely optimise your decision-making process.

Learn from Classics

Knowledge of the classics will tremendously improve your chess understanding. Besides, we are sure that by studying this selection of 8 courses, you will start loving chess even more!

Calculation & Dynamic Play

This package is designed to improve your calculation and dynamic feeling. It goes without saying that calculation is the most important of abilities! By enhancing your calculation and dynamic play, you can compensate for some lack of positional understanding.

Boost Your Endgame

This collection of endgame courses will dramatically increase your endgame understanding. The package can be useful for players of all levels - from amateur to 2700+ GM.

1.d4 Repertoire for Positional Players

This repertoire is very suitable for positional players who don't have a lot of time to study theory. The entire approach is based on Torre and London structures. After 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3, White is ready to play 3.Bg5 against both 2...e6 and 2...g6. Against 2...d5, however, we will go for the London System. London will be our choice also against 1...d5. Structurally speaking, Torre and London are very similar. Therefore, studying both openings in combination will increase your middlegame understanding.

Ambitious 1.d4 Repertoire

The idea of this selection is to provide 1.d4 repertoire for ambitious players who have time and energy to study the main lines. The suggested databases are logically connected. Even though studying them requires a lot of dedication, once you have done the job, you will observe tremendous progress!

Practical 1.e4 Repertoire

This bundle will help you to build a reliable but not-so-theoretical repertoire starting with 1.e4. Most of the systems are based on understanding. Therefore, besides the theoretical courses, you will find databases dedicated to the typical endgames and pawn structures.

Aggressive Repertoire against 1.d4

This bundle provides the perfect repertoire for ambitious players who are fighting for a win against 1.d4. The entire approach is based on the ever-aggressive King's Indian Defence. The theoretical foundation of the repertoire is based on the courses of the famous King's Indian expert GM Ivan Cheparinov. Also, you will find 2 databases which are designed to improve your general King's Indian Understanding. The last two databases from the package will cover you against White's early deviations.