Complete Solutions (20)

Ambitious 1.d4 Repertoire

The idea of this selection is to provide 1.d4 repertoire for ambitious players who have time and energy to study the main lines. The suggested databases are logically connected. Even though studying them requires a lot of dedication, once you have done the job, you will observe tremendous progress!

Practical 1.e4 Repertoire

This bundle will help you to build a reliable but not-so-theoretical repertoire starting with 1.e4. Most of the systems are based on understanding. Therefore, besides the theoretical courses, you will find databases dedicated to the typical endgames and pawn structures.

Aggressive Repertoire against 1.d4

This bundle provides the perfect repertoire for ambitious players who are fighting for a win against 1.d4. The entire approach is based on the ever-aggressive King's Indian Defence. The theoretical foundation of the repertoire is based on the courses of the famous King's Indian expert GM Ivan Cheparinov. Also, you will find 2 databases which are designed to improve your general King's Indian Understanding. The last two databases from the package will cover you against White's early deviations.

Positional Repertoire against 1.d4

This repertoire is very suitable for positional players who would lo build a consistent repertoire against 1.d4. The databases in the bundle revolve around the following openings - Nimzo-Indian Defence, Bogo-Indian Defence, and Queen's Indian Defence. Also, you are completely covered against all the deviations that White might try. We strongly advise you to study both Bogo-Indian and Queen's Indian since the ideas are very similar.

1.d4 d5 for Black

This package provides you with a lifetime solution against 1.d4. The repertoire is based on two interrelated openings - Slav Defence and Semi-Slav. Besides the theoretical databases, the bundle also includes the camp database Understand the Slav Defence. This camp database will improve your understanding of the typical Slav structures, and endgames.
The databases Complete Repertoire against Veresov, Trompowsky, and London and Expert Repertoire against the Catalan cover White's deviations from the Slav Defence.

1.e4 e5 for Positional Players

This package is very suitable for positional players who want to play 1.e4 e5 as Black. Besides the courses including top-notch theoretical information, the bundle includes databases featuring all the essential pawn structures and endgames.

1.e4 e5 for Aggressive Players

This package provides an ambitious repertoire for Black against Ruy Lopez, Italian and Scotch. Besides the theoretical databases, you will find courses designed to explain all the must-know pawn structures, tactical ideas, and important endgames.
The theoretical databases include relatively less explored variations with high practical value.

Sicilian Repertoire Based on the Classical Variation

This bundle is more than enough if you want to build a Sicilian Repertoire based on Classical Sicilian. Before diving into the theoretical databases of GM Cheparinov and IM Kanmazalp, we strongly advise you to look at the camp database Understand the Classical Sicilian. This way, you will understand all the typical pawn structures and endgames.
The databases 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 - Repertoire against 3.Bb5 & Nc3 and Sicilian Defence - Repertoire against White's Sidelines on the Second Move cover White's deviations from the Open Sicilian.

Sicilian Repertoire for Najdorf Players

These 5 databases will provide you with full Sicilian Repertoire based on the Najdorf Variation. The Najdorf is covered in the three databases by GM Renato Quintiliano. The two databases of GM Efimenko feature all the deviations from the Najdorf.

1.Nf3 According to Roiz

This package provides a repertoire for White based on 1.Nf3. The entire repertoire revolves around the Reti System. The suggested variations are quite suitable for positional players who play the opening with a lot of ambition.