Prophylaxis = Control – GM Fabien Libiszewski (Video Database - 3 hours running time) 


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  • Petrosian - Unzicker  Closed
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    Prophylaxis = Control – GM Fabien Libiszewski


    Few things delight the soul more than seeing your biggest rival blunder against you.

    So why not make it happen more often?

    It doesn’t even have to be a blunder – watching their growing frustration as you force them to play weak move after weak move is even more satisfying!

    GM Fabien (“Libi”) Libiszewski’s 3-hour course shows you how to take away all your opponent’s good options… forcing them to dance to your tune.

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    The late, great Mark Dvoretsky insisted that prophylaxis – the art of preventing your enemy’s plans – was the true sign of a player’s strength.

    In just over 3 hours, Fabien has packed in all the information you need to become ruthless at preventing your opponents’ plans.

    About the Author:

    Libi Circle

    Fabien Libiszewski is a French chess International GrandMaster, he obtained his grandmaster title at the age of 25, in the year of 2009.

    He learned chess from his father when he was a child, and he started competing in 1992 but he really only got seriously involved with chess in 2002 when he decided to become a professional chess player, and then started to obtain some great victories in tournaments and championship as well as international events.

    What you’ll learn from this course:

    INC Libi
    • Analysis of 3 brilliancies by World Champions, showing you how prophylaxis wins games at the highest level.
      3 chapters on the process of prophylactic thinking, including specific advice for the opening and in attacking play.
      Active training with challenging exercises taken from real games.
    • Beauty. If you don’t find White’s formation here beautiful…(Diagram) well, I don’t know what to tell you. Everything coordinated and controlled, pieces ready to spring into action in any number of ways… all while preventing Black from doing anything meaningful. Libi reveals how Karpov was able to achieve such positional domination over one of the best players in the world.
    • Maximum Power. Even when thinking strategically, calculation is required. Evaluation and considering your opponent’s resources will clue you into what you need to do, calculation will reveal the best way to do it. Fabien shows you how to combine the 2 modes of thinking so your rivals have no wriggle room.
    • Opening Control. Stop your opponent from developing their pieces in the way they want to and their position will be a mess for a long time. Fabien explains how to make things difficult for your opponent from move 1.

    What’s included:

    3 hours of video lessons on the art of controlling the game PLUS the complete PGN file, a PDF of puzzles, and a course summary.

    Chapter List:


    Chapter 1 – Karpov -Timman.

    Chapter 2 – Karpov – Kasparov.

    Chapter 3 – Petrosian – Unzicker.

    Chapter 4 – Prophylactic Thinking.

    Chapter 5 – Prophylaxis in the Attack.

    Chapter 6 – Prophylaxis in the Opening.

    Chapter 7 – Exercises.