Practical 1.d4 Repertoire for White Part 2

Nimzowitsch Defence Against 1.e4

7th Annual Carolinas Classic

Official webisete:

Start Date:   9 June 2023

End Date:   11 June 2023

Format:   Open / Over the Board

Time Control:   115' + 5"

Country:   United States   United States

Prize Fund:   13,913 EUR

First Prize:   1,484 EUR

5-round Swiss open tournament in Charlotte, NC

The 7th Annual Carolinas Classic features an increased $15,000 guaranteed prize fund in 10 sections and a FREE $1,000 Blitz Tournament for all participants!

In addition to the main events and side events, participants may engage with special guest GM Sam Shankland who will lead Q&A's, blitz challenges, game analysis, and more throughout the event! Former World Champion, GM Veselin Topalov, and world renowned trainer GM Jacob Aagaard will also be present and hold a book signing/autograph session on Sunday of the event.

List of participants:

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