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Play the Kan Sicilian - Complete Repertoire for Black  Updated 

The current database provides a complete Kan repertoire for Black. The course consists of 25 theoretical chapters, 25 interactive test positions, and Memory Booster. The survey consists of four big sections - Systems with 5.c4, Systems with 5.Nc3, Systems with 5.Bd3, and Various Options on Move 5.

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Arkhangelsk Variation - Lifetime Solution for Black (Update - 18.05.2021)  Updated 

Welcome to the latest opening project of GM Boris Avrukh - Arkhangelsk Variation. Having worked on this opening with Fabiano Caruana, Avrukh is one of the biggest Arkhangelsk experts in the world. With a video running time of 6 hours and an integrated memory trainer, this project is different from anything we have done so far. After studying a given chapter, you can immediately challenge your knowledge via the memory trainer. All the training lines incorporated in the memory trainer are carefully selected by our team of grandmasters. In this way, we make sure that you will remember all the must-know key ideas and sequences.

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Anti-Sicilian Repertoire - 2...e6 and Sidelines  Updated 

Welcome to the third part of the Anti-Sicilian series which will mostly cover what to play against the ever-sharp 2...e6 Sicilian and other important sidelines. In the majority of the chapters, GM Neiksans will be advocating the fianchetto of the white bishop to g2, combined with a thrust in the centre d2-d4. Although the author cannot always promise an advantage, the variations tend to be fresh and in most cases - very entertaining.

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Rossolimo Variation against the Sicilian - Complete Repertoire against 2...Nc6  Updated 

Rossolimo variation seems to be the only reasonable alternative to the main lines. In this database, GM Neiksans tries to stay true to the original spirit of the first part and offer you variations which are easy to remember and play on the board. After all, that is the whole concept of the Anti-Sicilian approach!

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French Defense - Play the Winawer against 3.Nc3  Updated 

3.Nc3 is White's most active weapon against the French Defense. GM Marin provides an opening repertoire for Black based on 3...Bb4, commonly known as the Winawer Variation. While both 3...Bb4 and 3...Nf6 are principled as they attack White's center, the author has a clear preference for 3...Bb4 because it offers an early strategic plot, similar to his recommendation against 3.Nd2. The point is that in many lines of this variation, the exchange on c3 leads to strategically double-edged positions.

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French Defense - Classical Repertoire against 3.Nd2  Updated 

In this database, GM Mihail Marin starts building a French Repertoire for Black. In the current survey, he shares his weapon against 3.Nd2. As always, Mihail goes from the structures to the theoretical lines. In this database, you will find an article about the French Isolani, 17 theoretical chapters, and 30 interactive tests which help you to develop automatic reactions in French positions.

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Moscow Variation against the Sicilian - Complete Repertoire against 2...d6  Updated 

Nowadays the Moscow variation is extremely popular, and one of the reasons is the current World Champion Magnus Carlsen. His approach to the chess has changed the way of thinking for many - not to strive for advantage in the opening, but get an easy play with a logical development of the pieces. Don't be mistaken though - Magnus Carlsen may play off-beat variations but he does know them really well. Right now pretty much all of the top level players who choose 1.e4 play a decent amount of the Moscow variation as well.

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Positional Gruenfeld Repertoire - Part 2  Updated 

In this survey, GM Marin deals with some of the most critical White's responses to the Grunfeld Defence such as the classical main line in the Exchange System and the so-called Russian System. True to his creative approach to the opening, in a number of well-known theoretical lines, the author suggests original continuations which are not extensively tested in practice. Of course, every suggestion is based on solid positional grounds.

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Positional Repertoire against the French  Updated 

French Defence is a tough nut to crack. This opening has a reputation for being a very good counter-attacking weapon. It was used with success by almost all the great players at the past and nowadays. Since the arising middlegames are extremely complex, usually, all three results are possible. Above-mentioned considerations explain why the choice of weapon against the French Defence is so important when we play 1.e4. In the current database, IM Renier Castellanos suggests a positional repertoire against the French which is based on the so-called Tarrasch Variation.

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Complete Repertoire against King's Indian Defense  Updated 

How to play against the King's Indian is a question that every 1.d4 player faces. The world-renowned theoretician and author GM Boris Avrukh provides you with an answer. His antidote is based on the set-up with 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Be2 d6 6.Be3. This is a very interesting move order that has not been particularly popular until the Russian Champion Grandmaster Alexander Riazantsev has started to employ it actively. In his new opening database for Modern Chess, Avrukh presents some of the ideas he found while working as the second to former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik.

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