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1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 - Aggressive Repertoire against 2...e6, 2...c5, and 2...d5
Opposite-Coloured Bishops in the Middlegame (2h Running Time)
Understand the Scandinavian
Semi-Slav - Complete Repertoire for Black - Part 2 (4.5 Hours Video Running Time)
Symmetrical English with 3.d4 - Complete Repertoire for White (4 Hours Video Running Time)
Understand the Classical Sicilian (7.5 Hours Running Time)
Understand the Nimzo-Indian Defence
Semi-Tarrasch Endgame Line
Play the Moscow Variation
Complete Dragon Repertoire (Video Content - 2 hours running time)
Understand the Reversed Sicilian - 1.c4 e5


 Wednesday, January 5, 2022

DIGITAL PRODUCT - December Camp - Understand the Ruy Lopez

We are happy to invite you to our camp Understand the Ruy Lopez. Ruy Lopez is probably the most fundamental of openings. Many experts consider it to be the cornerstone of the chess strategy. Therefore, this opening is one of the most frequent guests in World Championship matches. When you work on Ruy Lopez, you improve your chess understanding. In this camp, our expert team of grandmasters will provide extensive knowledge on the typical pawn structures. Additionally, the most important positional and tactical ideas will be covered.

Free Lessons

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Isolated Queen's Pawn - Practice

After covering all the important theoretical aspects related to the isolated pawn, GM Grigor Grigorov makes a practical session. While solving exercises in the Strategy Booster, he explains his way of thinking.

Attacking with an Isolated Pawn - Transition into a Symmetrical Structure

In this lecture, GM Grigor Grigorov discusses a very interesting concept in positions with IQP - transition into a symmetrical structure. In order to illustrate his point, GM Grigorov analyzes the game Honfi, K - Dorfman, I, 1976. In the next lecture, GM Grigorov will be solving IQP tests in the Strategy Booster.

Attacking with an Isolated Pawn - The Advance f4-f5

In this lecture, GM Grigor Grigorov presents another important attacking idea in positions with an isolated pawn - the advance f4-f5. He illustrates this idea by commenting on the classical game Botvinnik - Vidmar. You can test your knowledge of the IQP positions at our Strategy Booster.

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